Claire La Belle

Her own incurable disease Ankylosing spondylitis "Spondylarthritis ankylosans" (Morbus Bechterew) facilitated Claire La Belle to see into her own pain. Each point of pain revealed scenes from a previous incarnation where she had been burned at the stake. During her regression / progression sessions she saw the people whom she had not yet forgiven: the person who ignited the stake, her inquisitors, the mocking crowds and her persecutor, the head of the inquisition. During each session she re-experienced the full emotions. She was furious and fought against her pain until she realised that there was only one solution: "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do".

Only after she genuinely started forgiving and gradually working through her rage ("and that wasn't easy, I can assure you!"), did the pain slowly subside. The frequency of the sciatica attacks became less, were further apart and eventually stopped altogether. The attacks had always been accompanied by severe sciatic pain. Towards the final stages of the attacks the spine had already become so rigid that when she tried to touch her toes, the distance between her fingertips and the floor measured 36 cm.

Within only one week of having worked through all the conflicts related to her disease, she experienced our Creator's healing rays illuminating her entire body, enabling the ossification of the spine to simply melt away and to be absorbed and discarded through her bloodstream. By Friday of that week of healing, she could already touch the floor with her fingertips; this could only have been Divine Healing. Her orthopedist confirmed this change and recorded it as spontaneous healing - the first in the history of Ankylosing spondylitis. From then on she knew that there was no such thing as an incurable disease, provided that people were willing to work on and clear the psychological causes. After this healing she heard the Creator's Voice in her heart: "Child, your life's karma has now been dealt with. From now on, everything you do is of your own free choice." She requested to be allowed to help people who were in a similar situation as she had been. Since then she can see information in other people's cells and can also help people to overcome conflicts in their lives. Her work inspired her to write three books (the third volume will soon be released), "Healing from the Soul".